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You love dating married men because you are stupid. You think that he actually cares about you. You think that you are special. That you are unique. Even worst, you think that he is special, that he is unique. Oh wait, what’s even more special and unique then that is that you think that you are the only special and unique person that he is cheating on his wife with. The word special should not apply to you, him or your relationship. The only “S” word that applies to you is that you are stupid. The word unique should not apply to you, him or your relationship. . . The only “U” word that applies is . . . is . . . I can’t think of a good “U” word that applies so you are stupid times two.

You loooooove dating married men because we are smooooo-with-a-ve. We know what we are doing. We are affectionate. We are attentive. We are sensitive. We are understanding. We are passionate. We are practicing with our wife to perform with you. That doesn’t bother you at all? We are trained. The wife has put in the time to train a man to her likes and desires and it just so happens that you were never woman enough to train your own man. You thought that a man would be delivered to you in an unwrapped package. You knew and accepted right up front that you were not woman enough to build your own marriage so you would rather destroy someone else’s. You wanted to skip the blood, sweat and tears of the early years of marriage. You are so stupid! He don’t love you, he just loves being away from his wife. YOU DON’T MATTER. You are convenient. You are accepting. You only require and deserve one day a week. Easy, that’s what you are.

You try to justify it but it aint right. You do justify it but it still aint right! It doesn’t matter what he tells you. Lies have never mattered. It doesn’t matter that he is unhappy at home. I bet he is happier than you are. It doesn’t matter that he is your baby daddy or your co-worker or your ex-boyfriend or your ex-fiancé. It is not right. How can you not put yourself in the shoes of his wife? I know you want to, but can you? (<- Slow down, read it again. I have been thinking on this article for a minute so I might be just a smidget too deep. The word play is ferocious! Hova get at me!) READ MORE

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