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This week’s episode of VH1’s “Single Ladies,”  featured a host of situations that us ladies could relate to. Whether it happened to you directly or indirectly, we’ve all been acquainted with these situations by some sort of association. So you haven’t experienced it, I assure you one of your girlfriends has, and that is why I’ve gathered a list of 5 of the most relatable things from last nights episode of “Single Ladies.”

5. Val tries online dating. Val tries online dating thinking it solve all of her dating drama. Psyche! She quickly learns that there is more drama in online dating than it is face to face. I know you guys can relate to this because we’ve all been caught at a dating standstill and have the feeling of trying something new in hopes of having a better outcome. Okay, so you’ve never done this. I guarantee you one if one of your girlfriends hasn’t already done it, she’s thought about.

4. Val meets the “I only like vanilla in my coffee”kind of guy. This is extremely common amongst the black community as of late, and aside from it being annoying there’s really not a problem with it. However, there is ways to go about this situation in a non-condescending way and when a man doesn’t understand that, it becomes a problem. Everywhere you look there are mixed couples and instead of getting angry with our brothers over, do like Val and get even. If they step to the other side, try something new and do the same. Hey who knows, you might actually “be down with the swirl.”

3. April gets called out. We all have skeletons in our closet, and at some point that closet must open and boy do those skeletons fall. Nobody is perfect, and not all of us has cheated but we all have that home girl that has. They cheat on their good men and cry like a baby after sh*t hits the fan.* Cough, cough…April. *Cough, Cough*

2. Keisha gets played. You know how the story goes: Girl sleeps with Boy. Boy channels Wesley Snipes in “Disappearing Acts” and gets missing. It happens to the best of us.

1. Getting blamed for your girlfriends ho-tendencies. This is possibly the most common out of the selection and it’s all because of the “girl code.”Women stick together and simply ignore their girlfriends cheating, and then when the guy finds out they go straight to YOU with the shade. Don’t feel too bad though, many men do the same thing, only worst.

Watch the full episode of “Single Ladies” below:

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