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From RadarOnline: Many of Oprah Winfrey’s employees are angry that she made them sign a pledge not to use their phones while driving.Oprah started her “no phone zone pledge” after taping a program that featured a young couple who lost their daughter after a man, who was talking on his cell phone, hit their SUV.

And while Oprah’s heart is certainly in the right place, many felt her tactics were heavy-handed and that she shouldn’t be ruling their lives.

Sources said that many employees are very unhappy they can’t use their hands-free devices in their own cars. “They’re worried this will hurt them from doing their jobs. Some employees talk on the phone while drive because they are under deadlines and their jobs are not 9-to-5.”

All Oprah employees were approached and asked to sign the pledge. “They all felt pressure and Oprah’s people even taped some people signing it,” the insider added.

Many feel Oprah has stepped too far into their lives. “Of course Oprah can sign the pledge, she’s in the back of a limo all the time, texting away,” one insider joked.

The bottom line, said many people, is that Oprah’s intentions are good but many employees simply believe she has crossed a line too far into their personal lives. READ MORE HERE!


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