OKCupid did a study to determine what online daters typically search for as far as characteristics in the opposite sex. Now they determined a few different things from this study but one of the findings that made an impression on me was that Black women are the most ignored race on the net — that […]

This is for the fellas who have been dating a chick for a while and every time they think they are getting somewhere she tears it all down. You think it is something that you are doing but guess what? You probably did nothing wrong. Women know after a short time of meeting a man […]

Amber Rose was spotted doing what she does best yesterday…shopping!! The “it girl” hit up a MAC store on yesterday evening with her make up artist/bff’s in tow.

Jaleel White will not be charged in the alleged domestic violence incident against his baby mama. The LAPD says there is not enough evidence to go forward with the case.

Most of you may already know about the “interesting” comments made by rapper Slim Thug and his frustration about the lack of loyalty among black women. Well Actor Taye Diggs who we know has caught a lot of flack over his white wife, actress Idina Menzel,wants you to know he actually understands where the criticism […]

Move over Danica Patrick, there is a new female race car driver in town and her name is Nicole Lyons and she’s black and gorgeous!!!

Last week I talked about how interracial dating can go wrong by citing a certain website that is designed exclusively for those desiring only interracial relationships.

VIA YOUR TANGO: Whether you’re starting a new relationship or already married, there are some things that don’t change, like the need to feel sexy, appreciated and needed. And it’s not just women who want these things—men do too! Below are seven things you can say to a man, at any stage of your love […]