Many of today’s women and children are being enslaved through the rampant sex industry around the world. Promised a better life and more opportunities, women are sold by their families only to find that they were tricked and are actually being sold into prostitution. There are different forms of human trafficking, all of which involve […]

Rather than getting married and focusing on honeymoon plans, many women in India worry about whether or not they will be able to live post-wedding based on the value of their dowry. Sounds crazy, right? Sure enough, thousands of women a year are reported as being victims to bride burning. A woman’s fate after her […]

Gender inequalities have fueled several debates in history, from women having the right to vote to women in the workplace. While researching gender inequalities in different countries, I came across the controversial practice of female circumcision in Africa. This painful practice is perpetuated in Africa because of male domination embedded in the social and cultural […]

When we think about our world compared to a hundred years ago, it seems like we’ve made a lot of progress in terms of human rights, right? While I definitely agree that there have been improvements made in the modern age, I was completely caught off guard when I heard about the humanitarian crisis happening […]