One Georgia teen's rape story is a reflection of why most victims never tell anyone about the assault.

News & Gossip features Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby in its 25 Women to Know series.


  Federal agents watched in horror as an unknown man in an internet photo appealed for some advice. What kind of advice? How to rape the child beside him.The girl was in pajamas and the man had an intent on abusing her. Homeland Security agents knew they were in a race against time to save the girl. […]

Jackson Memorial Hospital has released two pictures of Ronald Poppo, 65, to the public.Poppo, the victim of 31-year-old Rudy Eugene‘s vicious cannibal attack in Miami last month, is recovering well after 3 surgeries but battling infection, said plastic surgeon Dr. Wrood Kassira. While the lower half of Poppo’s face is intact, approximately 50 percent is missing, reports theHuffington […]