Venus Williams

Body camera footage from the moments following Venus Williams‘ June 9 collision with another car in Florida was released Thursday. In the video, police informed Williams, 37, that she was “at fault” in the fatal car accident. But while police initially said Williams was at fault for the crash, several weeks later police said Williams had “lawfully […]

On August 2nd during the American Tennis Federation’s Centennial Celebration, Richard Williams, father to Serena and Venus Williams, will be inducted into the American Tennis Hall of Fame. The federation’s President Willie Emerson said, ‘The ATA has had a rich and colorful history and we will be honoring our past while focusing on the strategic plans […]

  Let me start by saying that BOTH of the Williams sister’s are AMAZING!!! They are the oldest players in Tennis and they are still kicking but! Serena makes history again winning her 23rd career Gland Slam title last night!  What I love about these two is even though Serena beat Venus she gave her […]

How quickly things turn around. As we reported yesterday, tennis icon Venus Williams was subjected to utterly disrespectful commentary during the Australian Open by ESPN announcer Doug Adler. Well today ESPN has decided what his punishment should be and let’s just say you won’t have to hear him on-air for the foreseeable future. Social media […]

A commentator described Williams' tactics as a 'gorilla effect.' ESPN pulled him from the broadcast booth.

Another day, another disrespectful comment hurled at a black person, this time the recipient of racially-charged commentary is tennis legend Venus Williams. While she was giving her all during her performance at the Australian Open, an ESPN announcer thought that the best way to describe her stance on the court was to compare it to […]

The sisters returned home to renew their ties to the community and to honor the big sister who was killed in a drive-by shooting in Compton in 2003.