Jamelia shut the woman down and took to Twitter to share what happened.

  Idris Elba is quickly turning into the “most interesting man in the world! Idris is an Actor, a DJ, a Model and now he’s KICKBOXER! And he’s really good too. I love it because it’s a sport that requires him to have his shirt off 90% of the time. He had his first pro kickboxing […]

Much of the hateful rhetoric is aimed towards people of Polish descent and those who are Muslim. However, there are reports of abuse aimed toward other minority groups as well.

Back in the late 80’s early 90’s there was a popular dance music group from the UK called Milli Vanilli who fell from grace and the spotlight real hard when after winning Grammy Awards it was revealed that they never even sang on their hit song, “Girl You Know It’s True.” One half of the […]