How we define success, differs from person to person. But if there is anything most of us ought to know, it’s that the person we’re…

    Here are the Get Wright/Get Happy tips from my Midday show. Hope you like them. Just listen.

Have you ever packed the perfect salad for lunch only to discover that once it’s time to devour it it is all soggy and wilted?…


Friday, some of the entertainment industry’s top black public relations experts joined Roland Martin to break down the business of getting exposure for black clients…

Just because someone knows how to put themselves together, doesn’t mean they will give you fashion advice that will work for you.  You wouldn’t let your friend cut your hair because he/she has a nice hairstyle.  You wouldn’t take medical advice from a seemingly healthy friend.  Why would you take style advice from an amatuer?  […]

Every well-dressed man knows looking sharp doesn’t come cheap.   A good suit can run anywhere from $700 to well over $1,000.  With those price points, preservation is key.  Extend the life of your suit by getting it pressed and steamed in lieu of dry cleaning.  If there are no stains and no odor, there is no need to dry clean.  Germaphobes, get […]

Even with the dunks craze, some “girly girls” still don’t do sneakers.  This look is a casual solution for such women.  I put a Helmut Lang sweater (w/ sheer cut outs) with T by Alexander Wang sweat pants, Marc By Marc Jacobs color blocked wedges and a Milly color blocked satchel.  I love pairing sweats […]

Watch as April Watts interviews these celebrity men in Black Men Revealed.

If you’ve already put away your summer wardrobe, you may want to re-think a few items.  Many pieces can transition into Fall/Winter.  Layering is the key.  Today I wore my striped, capped sleeve French Connection body dress with a black vintage duster, opaque tights, and a pair of black booties.  Please note, this is a […]

It’s amazing how a few tweaks to our daily habits can become a catalyst for meaningful, positive change. Here are a few simple things you can do every day to feel happier at home. 1. Make your bed. In a popular post last month, I explained the many benefits of daily bed-making. Gretchen Rubin, New York Times best-selling […]

Always take pictures with the camera app first Taking pictures with the camera app will allow you get that perfect shot as well as allow you to take advantage of the iPhone’s built in HDR function. The HDR function can be particularly useful for shots of still objects or landscapes outdoors in sunny conditions or […]

Have you and your partner been together for ages — or are you still sailing along in the honeymoon phase? No matter how long you’ve been a twosome, it’s always smart to take a step back from your relationship to give it a tune-up. In fact, all relationships need TLC. Without it, partners get lazy […]