Am I the only girl excited for Thanksgiving dinner? Pumpkin flavored everything, everywhere, fresh picked apples, cinnamon and nutmeg goodness just waiting to be devoured.…

Thanksgiving is a time for food, family, and fellowship.  Quite the contrary took place at Halle Berry’s house.  According to reports, a brawl ensued between Berry’s fiance, Oliver Martinez, and the father of her child Gabriel Aubry.  Aubry was left with a black eye and a broken rib.  He was also taken into police custody.   Gabriel […]


Seasoned or new cook,  we all could use some help with the turkey and fixin’s. Check out this website for tips and tricks for your Turkey Day festivities.  


Take your Turkey day conversation beyond the CIA scandal, the Hostess bankruptcy and Kenya More’s ego maniacal rants with the latest news from around the world. Worldly news here

Collard greens, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese browned to perfection, homemade rolls and don’t forget the cornbread dressing. But wait, Thanksgiving dinner isn’t ready until the turkey in on the table…after it’s had a chance to rest. Rest? For what, it’s time to eat! Read why you need to let that bird rest here

Spike Lee’s latest documentary, “Michael Jackson: BAD25″ will air Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 22 (9:30-11  p.m. ET) on ABC.  Watch the 60 second trailer that was released by ABC.

We mentioned this a while back when it was announced that Spike Lee would be going through his unused Michael footage and other private video to create a documentary to celebrate the 25th anniversary of BAD.    Where will it be shown on Thanksgiving day?

Though corporate greed is highly frowned upon by the Occupy Wall Streeters, everybody loves a thoughtful gift. So, if you find yourself camping out for Black Friday, keep these 10 presents in mind for the friendly neighborhood protesters in your life. RELATED: Occupier: Pepper Spray Made Me Miscarry

The Food Network’s Alton Brown shows you how to cut a turkey so well they’ll say you deconstructed it. Click on the link below for the visuals...

The cocktail ring gained popularity during the Prohibition era, showing that not only were you breaking the law by attending an illegal cocktail party, but you were doing so in style. Luckily for us, socializing in that way is no longer considered taboo, so feel free to rock these rings without any shame! 8 Maxi […]

For one day at least, you could almost imagine the recession never happened. Millions of the nation’s shoppers braved rain and cold to crowd stores while others grabbed online bargains on what could be the busiest Black Friday ever. Early signs pointed to bigger crowds at many stores including Best Buy, Sears, Macy’s and Toys […]

Every Thanksgiving we look forward to our favorite dishes our mom, auntie, granny, dad or appointed chef makes for the big holiday meal.  There’s nothing like having familiar delicious foods every year however, how about taking it up a notch this year?