Longtime University of Texas associate athletics director for football operations Cleve Bryant was fired after an investigation by university officials concluded Bryant sexually harassed a 24-year-old football department employee. RELATED: More Scandals? Congressman Faces Sexual Harassment Allegations Tales Of Sexual Abuse In Churches Are Bigger Than Eddie Long Rachel Arena filed a sexual harassment complaint […]

A Texas teen who was on trial for shooting an officer at a juvenile facility in 2010 raised eyebrows when he urinated in a courtroom trash can last Wednesday. Corey Webb, 17, was seen in court footage continuously mumbling as attorneys and judges spoke throughout the trial. At one point, Webb requested to fire his […]

Community leaders from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and local businesses in Fort Worth, Texas are unhappy with the name of a local food-mart titled “Da Hood Food Mart.” “The name is insulting to our African-American heritage and the over-saturation of these types of establishments within the economically disadvantaged communities is simply a continuation of […]

A Texas newborn was recently named the biggest baby ever born in the state. JaMichael Brown, set the record when he was born measuring two-feet-tall and weighing 16 pounds. The medical term for large infants is “macrosomia,” literally meaning “large of body.” These babies often have high blood sugar at birth, and a greater chance […]

A statue built for famed boxer Jack Johnson has sparked controversy in Galveston, Texas. Some homeowners complain it will create too much traffic, although some believe that the controversy only exists because of Johnson’s reputation for dating white women. Other home owners, like Helen Douglas, believe it is Johnson’s history that makes some want to […]

Steve Harvey wins Round 1…A Texas court ruled in Steve Harvey’s favor yesterday when it was decided that his ex-wife Mary Harvey’s allegations in her YouTube videos were lies.  According to the ybf.com, Bobbie Edmonds, Steve Harvey’s lawyer, released a statement yesterday explaining what happened in court with her client and Mary Harvey: According to […]

In Erykah Badu’s latest music video, “Window Seat” – which instantly went viral yesterday on YouTube – the Dallas-born entertainer strips down with Dealey Plaza as a backdrop. NEW VIDEO: Erykah Badu Gets Naked In “Window Seat” At the edited-in sound of a rifle shot, she falls to the ground with a jerk, within feet […]