Tom and the crew open the show talking about marijuana pills, online sales tax and the struggles of being a sibling.


We’re back to taxes again? Yes, but this is the happy part of taxes: the long-awaited refund check! According to the IRS, the average tax…

Really,  you won’t believe it.  Stevie owes a whopping,…….$40!    Now, the penalties and interest could take that even higher.  I guess California needs all their money!


Roland Martin talks with Phil Sanford of the Jackson Hewitt Tax Services about the upcoming tax season and the importance of filing taxes early.

As the ongoing battle over the fiscal cliff wages on in Washington, taxpayers across the country are watching the news – and their wallets –…

I missed the BET Awards on Sunday night.  Part of me misses the old days of award shows.  The days when you knew the people being honored because their was a process to stardom.  There was also respect for these artists.  I know that the line was written by some youngster at BET who knows […]

If you haven’t been paying attention, the IRS has been going after folks who make a bunch of money and forget to pay taxes.  Lauren Hill is one of them.  I know she’s been out of the mix for a minute, but how did she miss Ronald Isley and Wesley Snipes incarceration?  How does she […]

This year’s tax April 17 deadline grants a two-day reprieve from the traditional filing deadline of April 15, which fell on Sunday this year. The deadline was delayed one additional day because Monday is the 150th anniversary of D.C.’s emancipation, which is treated like a federal holiday, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Not all post […]

Lionel Richie has a new CD out.  It’s a few of his hit songs recorded with some of today’s top country artists.  Not that he needs the money to pay the IRS off, but I’m sure it will help.  How much does he owe?

I feel Presidential today.  Why?  Like President Obama, I just finished filing my returns.  That was the end of the Presidential feeling as  I came up a bit short on the earning end.  LOL!  Check out their return.

Picking an election-year fight with Republicans, President Barack Obama is urging Congress to boost taxes on millionaires, traveling to Florida to make a populist pitch on an issue that draws a sharp contrast with GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Obama is outlining his support for the so-called “Buffett rule” in Boca Raton, Fla., arguing that wealthy investors should not pay taxes […]

Robin just had his little problem with the NYPD, now, it’s the taxman’s turn. Read why Thicke and his wife owe.