Apparently, it’s one thing to ‘stalk’ Rihanna on social media by keeping up with every post, but it’s another thing to stalk her in real life.

Malia Obama had a pretty close call with a crazy civilian this week before Secret Service agents had to grab him and take him into custody. TMZ reports that the former first daughter was at her internship when 30-year-old Jair Nilton Cardoso was detained on April 10 after he showed up at the Weinstein Company offices in […]

An obsessed fan, who is said to have repeatedly showed up to the singer's house sans invitation, was ordered to stay away from his home.

Kendall isn't the only young woman in the family with a stalker on her heels.

R&B singer Usher has gotten a case against a woman who has stalked him in the past dismissed. In Decemeber, Usher headed to court to…

Actress Sanaa Lathan got quite the shocker when contractors discovered her stalker asleep in her laundry room. 28 year-old Shawn Caples has convinced himself that he and…

Usher believes his life is in jeopardy … claiming he’s being stalked by a dangerous delusional woman who is convinced she’s MARRIED to the pop star.

I know a few guys, who if they were not in their right mind, would stalk Halle. A friend of mine used to live next door to her and I’ll admit, I jokingly went out on his deck and shouted for Halle to come out and play. That being said, we understand why someone would […]

Keyshia Cole was finally able to return to her Atlanta home after after being chased out of her house by a stalker in 2009. According to, Keyshia is back in Atlanta checking on her house because her stalker is in prison and can’t bother her any more. Keyshia considered putting her custom built 5 […]

Fantasia’s got a stalker and her stalker is reportedly racist. 

An Indiana man convicted of stalking and harassing Grammy award winner Ashanti was sentenced to two years in jail on Thursday and ordered to stay away from every member of the singer’s family.