Fashion designers have disco fever. Some of the latest styles sent down the runway are reminiscent of the 70s – think volume and fluidity. “Today’s ’70s-inspired fashion is vibrant, fun, colorful, flashy, sexy and happy,” says celebrity stylist and fashion commentator Mary Alice Stephenson to StyleList. “There were a lot of beautiful, chic clothes from […]

Transitioning from Winter to Spring can be complicated when it comes to your wardrobe. Mornings can often be 30 degrees, while afternoon temperatures can rise to 50 degrees or more. We, at the HB offices, often found ourselves lugging around our heavy coats instead of wearing them when midday hit and then rushing to put […]

Shorts are making a comeback in a big way this Spring 2011. And we’re not talking denim, but hot pants, swing shorts, and classic Bermudas in more luxurious fabrics. And what do they all have in common? A high waist. Paris Hilton Calls Black Guys Gross 50 Cent: I’m Not Sure You’ll Want To Jump […]

Rid yourself of your wool and felt hats and enjoy this Spring’s hottest headwear trends. This seasons most popular hats take you back in time from the 1800s to the 1970s. Top 15 Black Supermodels Of All Time [PHOTOS] The Bowler Hat The bowler hat has long been associated with the London mobster look. It […]

Okay ladies, time to get excited because Spring is almost here, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve been indulging on tons of unhealthy, and fattening foods all winter, and definitely been slacking on your workout. Face it, we ALL get the case of the winter blahs. But now that Spring is right around the […]

Nail polish colors usually go light in the spring, but this season, bold and creamy pastels (in blue, purple and peach!) are taking center stage. Here are the top 6 nail polish trends of 2011. Blue (think “Tiffany & Co.”) From Left: Nicholas K Spring 2011 image courtesy of Dashing Diva/Eric Yu; Tracy Reese for […]