I saw this story, and based on history, wondered if Robin was high?  Here’s what happened after the fender bender in Los Angeles last night.

R. Kelly’s book is called SoulaCoaster.  He was all ready to hit the road to promote it,  when complications from the vocal cord surgery he had last year caused him to return to Chicago for treatment.  All events scheduled, including the book signing at Barnes and Noble in Union Station this Saturday, have been canceled.  […]

Music legend Smokey Robinson reached out to a new generation of performing artists Friday, telling them they were starting out as he did: “with a love for doing something creative.” Robinson, 72, visited Duke Ellington School of the Arts, named for the jazz great whose music Robinson said was the first he heard in his […]

David Peaston gave us a killer remake of Eddie Kendricks’ Can I. He had appeared in many plays over the years. Check out the details of his passing and if you don’t remember his great voice, a few samples.

People close to her say she had been sober, but newly reported police findings at site of death, tell a different story. Results of an inquest into Amy Winehouse’s death reveal that the Grammy winner died from alcohol poisoning, a London coroner said Wednesday. Coroner Suzanne Greenaway tells the Associated Press the verdict has been […]

Singer, songwriter & guitarist Kwanza Jones is about to become a household name.  The singer is preparing the release of her upcoming album “Supercharged” this spring and we’re loving what we’re hearing.