We’ve been watching and sharing this video of Dr. Ben Carson’s wife singing all day here at work. What do you think about it? ~GetWright @MsMichelWright

Some of my best times have been hanging out with some of my best friends listening to music and singing along with the songs. Music has a way of connecting souls in a way that nothing else does. Check out these three sister-friends, Taraji, Kerry and Mary (no last names necessary) as they reminisce and […]

Sometimes you have to prove yourself again and again, no matter how successful you are.  Beyonce’  finally spoke to the Inauguration lipsync rumors in front of the Super Bowl media, but not just with her words.    Huffington Post  reports that Beyonce began the press conference by singing the national anthem, live. “Any questions?” she […]

Who knew Barack Obama could sing a little bit? After finding out that the president wasn’t much of a dancer we were surprised that he could do an Al Green tune justice. Via Huffington Post: While speaking Thursday night during a fundraiser at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem, the commander in chief showed off […]