Sidney Poitier


Sidney Poitier celebrated his 90th birthday last Monday, February 20th, making him the oldest-living winner of the Best Actor Oscar Award. Now retired from acting, Poitier has earned a number of honors and accolades over the course of his praise-worthy career. Born in 1927, Poitier’s farmer parents lived in the Bahamas but traveled to Miami […]

While most were surprised by David Oyelowo’s (pictured left) Oscar snub for his portrayal of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the critically acclaimed “Selma,” the actor…


The critically acclaimed film “12 Years a Slave” is expected to rack up at the 2014 Academy Awards but that’s not the only place where…


Over the years many actors from the legendary Sidney Poitier to modern-day star Terrence Howard have portrayed the late icon Nelson Mandela in film. Here…

There have been some memorable westerns with black casts over the years.  Two come to mind instantly.   The good one, Buck and the Preacherman with Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte is one I will watch anytime it comes on.  The other was Posse, worth watching only because Sally Richardson was in it, well that was […]

VIA CINEMATICAL: If you want to ease the minds of film fans about a remake you’re working on, just compare it to Ocean’s 11. That’s what Will Smith did back in 2002 when his production company bought the rights to Sidney Poitier’s Uptown Saturday Night with plans to do an all-star African-American update on the […]