Convicted drug courier Leo Sharp turned to prosecutors and whispered “death sentence” Wednesday after a federal judge sent the 90-year-old to prison for three years. Read More

Kanye West was sentenced to two years probation stemming from a fight between the rapper and paparazzi photographer Daniel Ramos in 2013. Read More

How would you feel about serving three years in jail for not paying your restaurant bill? Well you might want to ask Anthony Malabehar how he feels right now. The trouble started when Malabehar ordered drinks, an appetizer, and an entrée at a restaurant, then simply refused to pay. He didn’t give any reason for […]

A friendly gesture from Chad Johnson to his lawyers back side caused Johnson 30 days in jail. After being asked by the judge if he was satisfied with his lawyer, Chad reached back and slapped his lawyers butt. To some that may have been comical, but not for the judge. An outraged judge kicked Johnson […]