In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, The Birth Of A Nation star admits she used to curl her lips and press her lips together in attempts to minimize her Blackness.

Being the capital of the United States is a more than sufficient title.  Still, there is an enclave of fashionable individuals that are working overtime to make the District known for style just as much as politics.  Image consultant, Grant Harris, is certainly making his contribution.  Recently, I talked with Grant about his company, his […]

How do you navigate the question “Does this look ____ ?” or “Does this make me look _____ ?” As I mentioned in a previous diary, I’m no slouch. Some of my ex-girlfriends bring me to near tears when I see them years later looking like they just stepped off the Ms. Ivy League Black […]

Here at HelloBeautiful, we are all about loving yourself for who you really are.  So why don’t celebrities promote that also? There’s nothing like some self-confidence.