Sean Bell Trial

Closing arguments in the trial of Michael Carey and Gescard Isnora, two New York Police officers charged in the shooting death of Sean Bell, are expected Wednesday. See Also: North Carolina Police May Not Answer Calls Without Gas Money See Also: 2 NYPD Officers Face Discipline Trial In Shooting Black Heritage Walking Tour Boston The officers, accused […]

A second NYPD cop who fired his gun at Sean Bell and his friends testified today that he saw another officer raise his gun and thought the Queens man was trying to run them over. Michael Carey, testifying at a departmental hearing in downtown Manhattan, said he saw his colleague Det. Gescard Isnora with his […]

The detective who fired the first shot in the barrage of 50 that killed Sean Bell testified Wednesday that he used the gun out of fear because he thought Bell’s friend would strike first. “All I saw was his arm coming up,” Det. Gescard Isnora said of Joseph Guzman, a passenger in Bell’s car during the fateful […]

NEW YORK-Detectives Michael Oliver, Gescard Isnora and Marc Cooper who were acquitted for killing Sean Bell in a high profile 2008 trial, are now facing an NYPD disciplinary trial according to the New York Daily News: The NYPD would not provide any information on what would happen in the trial room, and lawyers for the […]