Rings hit theaters on Friday and managed to snag the number two spot, but Samara was busy terrifying everyone in New York City. First she stopped by The #XillaMovieParty were VIP guests got an advance screening of the third installment of the Ring franchise. Actor Julito McCullum was on hand and brave enough to get […]

The Ring horror franchise returns to theaters on October 28.

The advent of the 24-hour news cycle and the concurrent explosion of technology means that content must constantly be refreshed to feed the media pipeline.…

Holiday parties are in full effect and what better way to look stylish while holding a cocktail then with a big, bold cocktail ring? We've got 10 for under $25!

With winter in full swing, and no sign of the sun anywhere on the horizon, we all need an injection of color into our boring, black winter wardrobes to bring a touch of summer fun into the long, drab winter. Bright, sparkly and fierce oversized rings are the perfect low cost solution to spice up […]

The cocktail ring gained popularity during the Prohibition era, showing that not only were you breaking the law by attending an illegal cocktail party, but you were doing so in style. Luckily for us, socializing in that way is no longer considered taboo, so feel free to rock these rings without any shame! 8 Maxi […]

Nothing can make you feel more bad-ass than a knuckle ring, but with jewels and hearts adorning it, you can go on and feel a bit romantic, too. Three finger bands A brushed antique finish Stone embellishment Cut-out skull design $20.22 at ASOS Check out other Items Of The Day: Asos Multi Chains Horn Bracelet […]