Judging by her Instagram, Solange Knowles was super excited for Mardi Gras in New Orleans, yet the excitement was short-lived after she lost her wedding ring.

So while you’re googling and shopping online at work lol, check out how a flashdance set up a marriage proposal for Gospel Singer Lisa Winn. This will make you smile and it might make you look around the next time you hear the Bruno Mars song “I Think I Wanna Marry You.” So sweet. #GetWright […]

A father chose to teach his bullying son a lesson in the ring. Do you agree with this? @MsMichelWright

    This has to be the ultimate betrayal for a son.  Lawrence Taylor gifted his Super Bowl XXV ring to his son.   You would think the son would understand what he had been given.  It apparently had no meaning to him, but to see how much he could get for it.  Straight up greedy.  He never […]

Dear Ask The Black Man, Why is that married men don’t wear their wedding rings? This occurs especially with men in high profile positions. Would you please explain? -Delta Ask The Black Man: Hello Delta, I feel you are making a really broad generalization here. So many married men wear their rings and wear them […]

Update your fall wardrobe with this Dome wood ring by Made. The ring features a dome style wooden insert with a metallic surround, oversized styling and a double metallic band. To maintain appearance and condition, avoid contact with liquids or perfume. $37.07 at asos.com Check out other items of the day: West Elm’s Hammered Metal […]