Last night, on a whim, a friend I hadn’t seen in years joined me and a gathering of mutual friends in one of our living rooms. I hadn’t expected this reunion to occur, but it was interesting to talk to her and learn about her life again, especially since things have changed so much since […]

The institution of marriage is perfect. God created it. What is not perfect are the husband and the wife. The husband and wife are not perfect because they were once boyfriend and girlfriend. Dating is ruining marriages. Shoot boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are lasting longer than marriages these days. Bad girlfriends are allowing boyfriends to extend relationships […]

I have a greater expectation of man than man has for himself. This expectation is the foundation of my principle that “All marriages and relationships are either successful or they fail based solely on the leadership of men.” Having said that, let’s talk about some of the stupid questions that women ask first!!!! “Stupid Questions […]

Yesterday, as I was walking back from the train station after a long day at work, I ran into someone I knew on the way home. After we exchanged greetings and we proceeded to chat, it quickly became hard to hold a conversation as we both seemed lost in our own worlds. We had both […]

You’ve got questions? He’s got answers! Need advice? Send your questions to Terrance: Dear Gay Best Friend, There is so much I need to talk to you about! I just mustered up the balls to write this so here we go. I’ve been with my husband for 7 years and we’ve had a great […]

You love dating married men because you are stupid. You think that he actually cares about you. You think that you are special. That you are unique. Even worst, you think that he is special, that he is unique. Oh wait, what’s even more special and unique then that is that you think that you […]

Every woman has that “Waiting To Exhale” moment where they undergo a hellafied break-up with their significant other and in order to get back to your old self again, sometimes you have to make a few changes. Now not every woman has to make these changes but it will certainly give you that certain “oomph” […]

Albany, GA – Dear Mr. RelationshipBeast you should do a topic on sex in the marriage. A lot of my married potnahs have been complaining about the lack of sex in their marriage. In the book “Men Don’t Heal, We Ho” on Page 158 the author says this: “If you can’t have sex with your […]

You’ve got questions? He’s got answers! Need advice? Send your questions to Terrance: Dear Gay Best Friend, I need your expert advice on a problem that’s beginning to fester. My husband and I have been married for 10 years. Three years ago we decided to separate because we simply could not get along. We […]

A friend of mine once told me that his girlfriend admitted to fantasizing about another man. It hurt him to the core to hear her admission of a thought that she once had. My man was distraught over her revelation for months. Finally one day I asked him why he was so hurt over his […]

You’ve got questions? He’s got answers! Need advice? Send your questions to Terrance: Dear Gay Best Friend, I have worked for a company called, Cleo Inc., for more than six years and yesterday they announced that they were closing the doors after almost 60 years after they started. They reported that they were moving […]

Pornography. Something like a hot topic these days. I was recently perusing through the Yahoo! Love + Sex blog and I found an ongoing dialogue about the place pornography should have in a relationship. A few questions came up. Should a woman be offended if her man watches porn after sex? Should a woman be […]