Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are taking the first steps toward possibly rekindling their romance. According to RadarOnline, “Kim and Reggie are back talking after their split,” a source said. “There has been more communication of late than there has since she they ended their relationship in March.” Kim’s recent split from Dallas Cowboy Miles […]

Okay you NY Jets fans, you may have to thank Amber Rose if cornerback Darrelle Revis decides to end his contract holdout in time for the season opener. I’m hearing that Amber & Darrelle are a couple.

Remember that wedding that both Kim Kardashian and ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush attended a few weeks ago? Well I’m hearing that Kimmy had to be separated from Reggie after they got into a drunken argument.

Though the memories of Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian’s relationship are still fresh, he’s moving on with a new serious relationship and can exclusively report that things are heating up with Latin singer Mayra Veronica. A source says, “They’re officially dating and it’s getting serious. They speak on the phone everyday while Reggie’s in […]

I’m guessing either Amber wants to make Kanye jealous or she just wants the world to know she’s getting it in with Reggie Bush. Amber apparently paid Reggie a visit in training camp and just had to tweet about it.  But what I want to know is why did she tweet and delete?

Reggie Bush is supposedly dating a new Latina chick named Baby.  And I have to say dude really has a “type”, as Baby is a ringer for ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

Khadijah Haqq – one of the twins from the movie ATL and best friend to Khloe Kardashian (you’ve probably seen her make a few appearances on the reality show) – got hitched this past weekend in Los Angeles to Bobby McCray of the New Orleans Saints (same team as Reggie Bush). We wonder if the […]

Earlier today I told you that Reggie Bush did not take Amber Rose to the Espy Awards, but now I’m hearing that they were together at the after-party. watched Reggie flirt with Kanye West’s former girlfriend of two years, model Amber Rose, at the ESPY Awards after-party at Drai’s Hollywood nightclub at the W […]

Last night was ESPN’s ESPY Awards, if you’re into sports, you know it’s the top awards for all things sports. I’m hearing that Kanye’s ex, Amber Rose was desperate to go as Reggie Bush’s date and he wasn’t have it. According to insiders: “She was BLOWING up Reggie’s phone. I guess after they hooked […]

From ohnotheydidn’ For the past several days, the blogs have been buzzing over the possibility that Reggie Bush and Amber Rose, were a new couple. The two have been spotted over the course of a couple days out at the club looking somewhat cozy. Although nothing has been confirmed regarding the two’s relationship status, you […]

I knew it, I knew it!!! I told you a guys a few months ago that Kanye should be worried about these two…

There are so many rumors of why Kim K and Reggie broke up, but Kim wants to set the record straight on particular rumor. The reality star recently celebrated sister Kourtney’s birthday in Vegas and was asked by if the rumor about her and Kanye hooking was true: