Two months after being found unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel, Odom has reportedly taken his first steps.

Khloe has dedicated herself to being there for Lamar during his road to recovery, and talked about what it was like when the former NBA baller awoke from his coma.


Even though the storm may be over there is still work to be done to repair the damaged caused by Superstorm Sandy. On Tuesday, President Barack Obama rekindled his unlikely relationship and what some call a “bromance” with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as the two went before the cameras to express the continuing recovery […]

Jackson Memorial Hospital has released two pictures of Ronald Poppo, 65, to the public.Poppo, the victim of 31-year-old Rudy Eugene‘s vicious cannibal attack in Miami last month, is recovering well after 3 surgeries but battling infection, said plastic surgeon Dr. Wrood Kassira. While the lower half of Poppo’s face is intact, approximately 50 percent is missing, reports theHuffington […]

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