No way to cover all the music “Q”  has been involved with, but, we’ll have a few for you tonight at 8.  Quincy Jones made “I’ll  be good to you” a hit twice.  First, with the Brothers Johnson, then this 1989 release from Ray Charles and Chaka Khan.


The Jackson Rooming House, the “Boarding House of the Stars” in Tampa, Florida, served as the only lodging for black entertainers and civil rights leaders…

Ray Charles alleged mistress Marci Soto, has penned a memoir entitled “Ray & Me,” where she dishes some very private secrets and even admits to robbing the blind soul star! Radio DJ, BET Host Killed In NYC Attention Parents & Teachers: Teens Are Having Sex No Matter What You Say Soto writes that even though […]

soul (Middle English, from Old English sawol) – 1. the animating and vital principle in human beings, credited with the faculties of thought, actions and emotion and often conceived as an immaterial entity. 2. a sense of ethnic pride among African-Americans, expressed in areas such as language, social customs, religion and music.