PETA makes a play to protect the rights of animals against some of the world's largest fashion houses.


Jhené Aiko uses her banging body to support animal rights.

After having an exceptional year, Taraji P. Henson and Amy Schumer will be honored at the VH1 Big In 2015 bash.


  PETA Goes After Michelle Obama on Easter Egg Roll People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, more fondly known as PETA, is targeting first…

R&B diva Beyoncé has once again ruffled the feathers of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). And this time it is because of…

Seems no matter what she does, someone is looking to find fault.  Apparently, someone who is handling Beyonce’s outfits, talks too much. EUR web reports that animal rights group PETA is on Beyonce’s case again – this time for her Super Bowl costume that contained leather, iguana and python skin, in addition to nylon and […]

Via UrbanDaily Waka Flocka cuddled up with a precious pooch for his PETA ad against animal abuse! “Only cowards abuse animals” reads the positive poster.…

PETA will begin showcasing an exhibit in the Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C. this September, that will use depictions of slavery, and other historic oppressions of human beings, as a comparison to animal cruelty. “Child labor, human slavery, and the oppression of women all came to be opposed by our society, thanks to the […]

Taraji P. Henson goes nude in a new ad for Peta’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign. She shed her clothes so animals won’t have to shed their fur. Taraji very bluntly explained why she decided to join the campaign, “I don’t think a living being should suffer for the sake of fashion, […]

Animal rights group PETA is making their next victim Nicole Richie. Nicole married longtime boyfriend (and father of her two children) Joel Madden this past weekend, where they had a live elephant as a guest of honor. The couple had the giant animal delivered to their big day at Lionel Richie’s Beverly Hills mansion on […]

PETA spokeswoman Amanda Schinke has spoken out about Janet Jackson’s new BlackGlama fur ad campaign saying the following: “It’s amazing what celebrities will do when their careers are on a downslide, but we didn’t think that Janet was this desperate. “Surely she knows enough about suffering and unjustified death to recognize that both occur in […]