It’s a question as old as the earth: Does penis size really matter? The answer is complicated and and usually has more to do with a man’s perception of himself than what women think. Here’s the reality. A study of more than 52,000 men and women and reported in the journal Psychology of Men and […]

One Honduran man's life will never be the same after he lost his penis in a horrifying freak accident.

A woman in Santos, Brazil chopped off her husband’s penis after she caught him in bed…with another man! The thing is, she didn’t do it immediately. This guy, perhaps the DUMBEST man ever, agreed to play a sex game with his betrayed wife, AFTER being caught cheating. So she proceeded to tie him up and… […]

Sybil Wilkes  who used to do traffic reports before moving to the Tom Joyner Morning Show says, she has seen many appendages drawn on traffic boards and this reporter knew what she was doing. See for yourself below