Oh, the disparity. Early Thursday morning, a white “survivalist” with racist tendencies and an apparent belief in the zombie apocalypse shot a black police chief…

Yesterday, it was announced that the Department of Public Safety in Oklahoma created a law that would ban hoodies, and masks from being worn in public when…

If you’re old school, you know that before they called him Uncle Charlie, Charlie Wilson was the lead vocalist for the Gap Band.  Tonight, it’s a sample of both.  Until then, check out a young Charlie with his brothers in the Gap Band.

There are TV shows about them. They are used live as storms are happening. They are called storm chasers, and they live dangerously…live being the operative word here. It’s usually safe, but 3 storm chasers found out the hard way that usually means nothing to a tornado.


As if there wasn’t already enough damage done in Oklahoma, they have been notified that they are under a tornado warning Thursday afternoon, with forecasters and authorities urging people there to take cover. There isn’t a specific tornado that has touched down or been identified but they are urging certain parts of Oklahoma to take […]


Breaking news on CNN reports that there are 24 deaths confirmed as a result of  the tornado that hit Oklahoma City yesterday, and nine confirmed children are among those 24. As this number has been determined search and rescue efforts are still underway and there are still chances that the death toll may rise.Oklahoma City […]

Patients of Dr. W. Scott Harrington, D.D.S. have been urged to seek medical screenings after one of his patients tested positive for both Hepatitis B and HIV. According to NBC News this morning, health officials will be urging those patients to be tested for the infections. The infected patient had no risk factors and officials […]

Lashonda Tashia Cummings (pictured) was charged with child abuse on Friday after she allegedly pushed her 3-year-old daughter down a flight of stairs and then…

OKLAHOMA-Republican state senator from Oklahoma, Sally Kern said at a recent event that the reason minorities don’t earn as much as white people is that they don’t work as hard and that African Americans are in prison because they don’t want to study in school. Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, said minorities earn less than […]