Dr. Cornel West described President Barack Obama as a “war criminal” during a speech he delivered Saturday at a pro-Palestinian rally. West proclaimed that President…

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Many of us complain about the commute that we have to take daily. Whether it’s the bus, train or walking you always hear a complaint about traffic or being late for work. But our small troubles hardly compare to those during rush hour on the trains in Beijing, China. I personally would be terrified to […]

With his very distinct and soulful voice, artist Lyfe Jennings is coming back to us with new hits. His new single, ‘Young Chick’ is a little different than the other songs that we’re used to from Lyfe Jennings but the strength in his voice remains the same. Take a listen to the single by clicking right […]


With all of the media and press surrounding Nelson Mandela and his current situation it’s a good thing that the people hear from someone who is close to him rather than just a “source”. But what we her from Mandela’s daughter is not positive at all, at least when she refers to the foreign press. […]