Plus, St. Paul high school creates scholarship in honor of Philando Castile and a 6.2-magnitude earthquake in central Italy kills at least 159.

In a preview for the upcoming season, Marie Holmes, the North Carolina woman who made headlines in 2015 for hitting the $188 million jackpot, appears as a guest on the show. Since capturing millions, Holmes has squandered a significant portion of her money bailing her boyfriend, Lamar “Hot Sauce” McDow out of jail.

Pastor Kevin Matthews claims lottery winner Marie Holmes caused him "emotional distress" when she didn't give him $1.5M now he's suing for $10M.


In the midst of all the excitement about the billion dollar Powerball, which has at least one winner in California at press time, at least…

As the Powerball jackpot prize grows to an all-time U.S. record of $700 million, it’s important to remember that all that glitters is not gold.


Here’s a trend I’d like to see take off in 2016 – minding your own business. In the social media era, that may be impossible,…

On Friday, Holmes posted a $12 million bond, the fourth time she's put up millions since she hit the lottery.

You might remember North Carolina Powerball winner Marie Holmes. Soon after she won $188 million back in February, she bailed out her fiancee LaMarr McDow, who was being held on a $3 million bond. She herself faced charges in a July arrest. But on the Friday after Thanksgiving, she sent a personal check of $680,000 […]


North Carolina lottery winner is spending more money – but this time it’s not to bail her alleged heroin dealer fiance out of jail. Marie…


Remember 26-year-old North Carolina lottery winner Marie Holmes? She’s the woman who walked away with $88 million after taxes after playing the winning numbers in…