These kind of stories you can't make up!

Your next manicure can be a hair raising situation.

Between work, your personal hobbies, relationships, and goals, at some point you will find yourself needing to paint your own nails until you can get to your manicurist.

LOVING my “Sunshine” nails on this gray day. It’s amazing how something as simple as the appearance of your nails can positively affect your mood. My nail stylist knows exactly what to do. Since Fall is around the corner, she weatherized my hands and feet. They feel super soft. SIDE NOTE: For all my audiofiles…I’m a […]

Diamond manicure anyone? You all know the phrase “Diamonds Are A Girl Best Friend,” well a company named Cherish…ME is offering the world’s most expensive “Diamond Manicure.” The manicure includes an arrangement of exclusive cut diamonds of 10 carats, and it’s worth $51,000. Before you even think about getting an Iced manicure Cherish…ME requires a […]

Reggie Bush must be a really secure brother!! The Superbowl hottie joined his reality star girlfriend Kim Kardashian for a day of pampering.