Don’t think for a minute that being a model only requires being photogenic. As a matter of fact being a women in any industry for 20 years mandates high doses of smarts and knowledge. A certain supermodel/businesswoman is sharing what she’s learned with students at Stanford University. Check out just who. #getWright @MsMichelWright

I Love our First Lady Michelle Obama. I also love that she proudly speaks about the things she believes in from fitness to education Chelly O rocks! Check out this video clip of the First Lady and actress Charlize Theron speaking power to school girls. ~GetWright Look! @MsMichelWright

I love finding positive things to share about us. This is what’s good today. Read it and spread the word if you like. I love you and really appreciate you listening during the midday. Make sure we are connected on FB, Instagram and Twitter: @MsMichelWright This

Have you ever realized what happens when you start something new? You have so many high expectations for yourself, yet still harbor a mixture of…