Lauryn Hill just lost one. Even though reports say she paid the tax bill off before appearing before the judge, there was no love for L Boogie in court today. TMZ reports that a judge in Newark, New Jersey dished out the sentence moments ago … and told Hill that after she completes her stint behind […]

TMZ is reporting that Lauryn Hill claims she stiffed Uncle Sam on a massive tax bill for the same reason she fell off the map after the ’90s — scary threats to her and her family. According to docs … Lauryn stopped paying taxes “when she withdrew from society at large due to what she perceived as […]

I missed the BET Awards on Sunday night.  Part of me misses the old days of award shows.  The days when you knew the people being honored because their was a process to stardom.  There was also respect for these artists.  I know that the line was written by some youngster at BET who knows […]

If you haven’t been paying attention, the IRS has been going after folks who make a bunch of money and forget to pay taxes.  Lauren Hill is one of them.  I know she’s been out of the mix for a minute, but how did she miss Ronald Isley and Wesley Snipes incarceration?  How does she […]

Lauryn Hill has angered her fans for the second time in a month, after keeping an audience waiting for three hours in Atlanta and changing the arrangement of her songs beyond recognition, according to witnesses. Eurweb has the story here.