The hotel guard who was forced to let armed robbers into Kim Kardashian's private room earlier this month is speaking out.

Kim Kardashian is over the whole long locks thing, and she’s ready for a new look. It’s been hours since Kim posted something on Instagram,…

The Kardashian family did their very best to dismantle the Internet and shakeup social media today. Khloe Kardashian got the party started by posting a…

Kanye West was sentenced to two years probation stemming from a fight between the rapper and paparazzi photographer Daniel Ramos in 2013. Read More

Brandy is not happy with her little brother! Ray J revealed in an interview with Civil TV, that his older sister has definitely made it clear that she disapproves of his new song “I Hit It First” which he denies is about his ex and sex tape partner, Kim Kardashian. In a different interview, Ray […]

After spending the day playing b-ball with her family and brother-in-law, Lamar Odom in Queens, Kim Kardashian threw on her fave leather pants and her Illusion Un Bout Louboutins and rushed back to Manhattan for dinner with Kanye at N62. After dinner, the paparazzi followed them home and as they were getting out of the vehicle; Kanye’s […]

For once I’m late on a story, but a girl has to have some down time at some point in her life.  I just found out the reason why Reggie & Kim broke up…he caught her CHEATING with Kanye West.