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Conversations about race are awkward for most people. But at a certain point, confrontation is the only tool left at our disposal. Martin Luther King is remembered for his non-violent approach to activism, but even Dr. King developed a more militant mindset as he saw the nature of the beast he was up against. So […]

Kate Upton had social media in an uproar after she slammed NFL players for protesting the National Anthem, calling it "disgraceful."

A Pennsylvania man has plead guilty to leaking nude photos of celebrities including Gabrielle Union, Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton.


In a very bold–or very foolish–move, supermodel Tyra Banks decided to pay homage to her “colleagues, competitors and friends,” in a photo exhibition entitled, “Tyra Banks…

Model Kate Upton who is rumored to be dating Kanye West is making a name for herself this week, not for her moves on the catwalk, but for her dance moves. The blonde model was recently spotted at a Clippers game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles doing a very enthusiastic Dougie dance.Kate is […]