Justin Bieber is having a pretty rough time with rude fans lately and he isn't keeping quiet about it.

We hope all is well with the "Good For You" singer.

BBC Radio 1 released video of Justin Bieber's visit from earlier this year.

In honor of the legendary award show, check out these winners from over the years, and where they are now.

Masika, who's also a singer, stopped by The Breakfast Club to dish on everything from meeting Fetty, to who she has and hasn't smashed in the industry.

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The gentleman he threw down with – reportedly known as Lamont Richmond – is seeking closure.

Justin Bieber got into a street brawl with a guy much bigger than him.

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Social Media influencer and model Chantel Jeffries caught up with Global Grind in Las Vegas last month during the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.