The cast of 'Almost Christmas' open up about their favorite (and go-to) dinner dish.

Regardless if you're a fan or a newcomer, you can appreciate some of Curb's most trill moments below.

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Roland Martin recently sat down with Regina Hall, Ice Cube, and Cedric the Entertainer to find out how they managed to actually get the movie done with such a crazy cast of characters roaming the set. Cedric told Martin they clowned a little and had a good time, but implied that Cube knows how to get folks back in line to "get the job done."

It was already my favorite BET show, now, it’s about to get funnier.  It was recently reported that Robin Thicke did not care for the direction of his character, so he kind of quit, as in not coming out of his trailer for the days shoot.   So long! “I just watched the show and […]