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  Many of us know Jackie Robinson as one of our biggest hero’s who broke down the barriers of color by becoming the first black Major League Baseball player for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. What some of us may not have known is that before he went pro with the MLB, Jackie Robinson played […]


Jackie Robinson’s historic barrier-breaking feat celebrated its 70th anniversary last week, but a pair of forgotten Black baseball players might have some right to Number 42’s historic claim. William Edward White and Moses Fleetwood Walker are credited as players who integrated the MLB many years before Robinson. Very little is known about White but what […]


This weekend marks the 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s debut in Major League Baseball, shattering the color barrier in a sport Blacks dominated in their own leagues. The Los Angeles Dodgers will erect a statue in honor of the late Hall Of Fame star, which will serve as a lasting reminder of Robinson’s baseball legacy. […]

An opera about Negro Leagues slugger Josh Gibson will premiere in Pittsburgh in April 2017.

As the nation celebrates Jackie Robinson Day, here are some interesting details about one of the most famous men of the outfield.

On Thursday, officials in Philadelphia passed a resolution that not only honors Major League Baseball legend Jackie Robinson's color barrier-breaking appearance in the city in 1947 but also serves as a formal apology. On April 15, the day that Robinson shattered the barrier, his widow will receive a formal apology for the mistreatment her husband faced, NBC Philadelphia reports.


The Jackie Robinson statue that sits outside MCU Park in Coney Island was found defaced with racial slurs and graffiti Wednesday, according to the NY…


D.L. Hughley hates the comparison between the legendary and iconic Jackie Robinson and the-not-so legendary Jason Collins. Plus, he gives his opinion on the latest…


Dominique talks with the crew about the rabid racism that was in the film “42″ which is based on the life of baseball player Jackie…


I’ve given it a lot of thought: it’s still an insult. I’m talking about Jackie Robinson’s integration of Major League Baseball way back in 1947.…