ISIS has taken responsibility for this most recent attack in Iraq's capital.

Sadly, this type of violence is not rare. In the first six months of 2016, 2,735 Iraqi civilians have been killed by terrorists.

Seventeen of the dead victims were boys between the ages of 10 and 16.

Last time, it was House leader John Boehner inviting the Israeli leader to speak to congress, going around protocol.  Now, it’s Republican Senators undermining President Obama’s foreign policy.  It seems they always call for unity when one of their party members is in the oval office, but can never find a way to do the […]

J.R. Martinez has made a habit out of triumphing over obstacles. The former Army solider was disfigured during an IED explosion in 2003 while serving…

The announcement came early Friday afternoon that all combat troops would be home for the holidays. U.S. soldiers take a rest in the shade of armoured vehicles at a courtyard at Camp Liberty in Baghdad. U.S troops are scheduled to pull out of the country by the end of this year, according to President Barack […]