A new book said that former president Barack Obama privately criticized Hillary Clinton for her handling of the famous email scandal that many believed led to her presidential loss.

One Maryland mom's tactic to get her son to vote for a specific candidate was unique enough to make her video go viral.

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It has been almost 2 months since Colin Kaepernick first protested the National Anthem and more celebrates are taking a stance as well. S8 formally known as Shawn Stockman, of the legendary group Boyz II Men, understands the message behind the protest and wants to help enlighten others. S8 starts off singing the National Anthem as […]

Last year, Russell Simmons‘ company UniRush LLC experienced a service outage during a planned migration to a new transaction processor, preventing over 130,000 RushCard holders from accessing or depositing funds. The mogul, who described that experience as “one of the most devastating times in my adult life,” is finally speaking out about how he and his company got […]

Donald Trump running for president is a never-ending series of conflicts.

What in the h-e-double hockey sticks is wrong with Bill Clinton?

In reality, the Reagan administration wanted nothing to do with the disease, waiting six years after the epidemic hit to even address it in a speech.

During the third Democratic Presidential debate, Sanders apologized to Clinton for voter data breach, while Clinton blasted Trump and the GOP.

We’ve all seen Donald and the Trumps in the Republican field of presidential candidates, but what about the Democrats? Tonight on CNN  Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee will square off tonight in Las Vegas. There are some storylines that could make the Democratic field very interesting: Hilary Clintons emails; […]

Hilary Clinton is trying her hardest to earn the African American vote. She recently met with activists from the #BlackLivesMatter movement. DeRay McKesson, one of the leaders of the coalition reached out to Clinton via Twitter and requested a meeting to learn more about her criminal justice platform. In addition to pushing ideas about police […]

Any time Donald Trump steps up to the mic, you’re never sure what foolishness you’re going to get. He began his presidential campaign by immediately alienating two of the fastest growing minority groups in America, Latinos and Asians. In a recent interview with CNBC, host John Harwood, asked the former Apprentice host about his previous racist […]