Yes, there is a water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Some are calling it a case of “environmental racism.” The thing is to do something – anything. These young men decided to do something and I want to share it with you. Let’s remember to help each other whenever and however we can. #GetWright @MsMichelWright

You probably walked into the office today hearing people talk about a man who took off his shirt and put it on a homeless man who sat with no shirt on a subway. The man who gave his shirt did not know someone had pulled out their phone to capture video. This small act of compassion […]

Thought I’d leave you with a few shots of Jack for the weekend. Check out these clips of encouragement from Jack A. Daniels who was on my show recently. They may help when you’re feeling stuck. #GetWright @MsMichelWright

This month you’ve been seeing a lot about diabetes as some 30 million battle the disease. Experts and doctors say the numbers for African Americans affected by diabetes can be lowered by some simple self care. Check out this video about how a raw diet has helped to reverse the effects of diabetes for these […]

There are so many causes and campaigns going on during the month of October. I focus on two that have affected me personally in some way – Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness. During my ‘Get Wright’ feature today I shared a bit about the forgotten victims of Domestic Violence from an article someone […]

10 Rules if you get stopped. Please pass this on. Thank you Rev. Otis Moss III and thank you to my Pastor, Dr. Howard John Wesley. IG/Twitter/FB Like Page: @MsMichelWright

If you follow me on social media via Twitter – @msmichelwright or Instagram – @getWright or on Facebook, then you are familiar with #getWright. Using that hashtag I have posted quotes, anecdotes, words of encouragement etc. It was just my way to offer a little piece of me that I hoped would inspire and uplift […]


Gospel singer Erica Campbell of Mary Mary joined the “NewsOne Now” panel and blessed the show with an a cappella rendition of her new solo…

From my experience going through several hurricanes in the south: 1) Get cash from the ATM – if power goes out, credit/debit cards will be useless – as much as you can, just in case ATMs are out for a while. 2) fill every tub in your house with water so you can still flush […]

Have you and your partner been together for ages — or are you still sailing along in the honeymoon phase? No matter how long you’ve been a twosome, it’s always smart to take a step back from your relationship to give it a tune-up. In fact, all relationships need TLC. Without it, partners get lazy […]