Yes I do sing loud and proud while driving. Doesn’t everyone?! The song of the moment is still Adele’s “Hello.” Even Adele got caught getting her car karaoke on. #GetWright @MsMichelWright

    With over 10 million views on Facebook from his rendition of Adele’s hit song Hello, R&B heavyweight JOE is gaining a lot of traction these days for what he does best (soul-singing). You may have even heard the mashup of Adele’s Hello with JOE adding his special R&B seasoning to make for one […]

After a brief hiatus and some minor vocal cord surgery, singer Adele came back to the music scene with a vengeance in the form of her song Hello. She broke and set some new records in sales and video views with a poignant and powerful story of love. The song is just beautiful although some […]