Is the government watching you? Approximately 50 American law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and U.S. Marshals, have been exposed for secretly tracking former criminals,…

With the holiday recess fast approaching, congressional negotiators were closing in on an agreement to avoid another government shutdown. But they faced a last-minute outcry from House Democrats demanding to extend federal jobless benefits as part of any deal. Read More  

The flawed roll out of the Affordable Care Act has pushed President Obama to the lowest point of his presidency, with dwindling faith in his competence and in many of the personal attributes that have buoyed him in the past, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. See Video

After the Senate voted 81-18 to pass bill to end government shutdown, the house followed by voting 285-144.  Huffington Post is reporting that President Obama will quickly reopen government by signing the bill.


Let’s talk about the truth and some people who are not able to handle the truth. What do you think would happen to you or…


Vital services that ensure seniors and young children have access to healthy food and meals may not have sufficient Federal funds to serve all beneficiaries in an extended lapse. Call centers, hotlines and regional offices that help veterans understand their benefits will close to the public. Veterans’ compensation, pension, education, and other benefits could be […]

As people are waking and finding out that the United States Congress has allowed the Federal Government to be shut down, many are wondering how that effects them or if they should even care about it at all. Well the great people over at USA Today put together a graphic that shows just how people […]


Here we go again.  Some lawmakers are throwing temper tantrums and yet again holding the American people hostage instead of telling them the truth. It’s…

The Washington area unemployment rate rose in July to 5.6 percent from 5.5 percent, the Labor Department reported Wednesday, as larger job losses in the federal government pointed to the effects of government spending cuts on the local job market. Read More

Have you ever been to Epcot Center? If not, this what Epcot stands for: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, a Utopian city of the future planned by Walt Disney, often interchanging “city” and “community. While it seems nice in theory, and is definitely an outstanding vacation attraction, it didn’t seem possible…until now. Welcome to Masdar City! […]


The collecting of some American’s phone records is nothing new. But seizing the records in the past have helped to stop terrorist attacks. A secret demand was sent to Verizon requesting the records of users such as call activity with numbers and length of call that would be placed into a database and sifted through […]

With thousands of the Washington region’s federal workers facing the prospect of furloughs, fewer people say they plan to travel this Memorial Day weekend than last year. The AAA annual survey found that 2 percent fewer people — a total of 874,000 — said they expected to travel more than 50 miles from home. Read More […]