Source: NBC4 Washington Retail gas prices in the U.S. climbed another 4 cents Thursday to a national average of $2.449 per gallon. The U.S. Energy Department announced that it will release half a million barrels of crude oil from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve as Hurricane Harvey continued to wreak havoc on U.S. oil […]


The death toll has risen to seven in Wednesday’s gas explosion that rocked a New York City neighborhood. One of the victims – who lived…

Most polls are against involvement in another war of any sort involving American military.  Earlier today, President Obama says that view is real close to home, as in his own family.   Huffington Post has the story.  

You already know to keep an eye on your bag when you step out to pump gas, I go a step further and take my keys with me. You may want to lock your doors as well to keep thieves from “sliding” next to your car for your valuables. See what happened to a couple […]


The EPA says E15, an alcohol additive made from starches like corn and sugarcane, is okay for cars to burn. AAA is warning consumers to proceed with caution. I’ve heard a little sugar in your tank can damage your engine. Get the scoop on E15 here

(Baltimore, MD) — Marylanders are paying more than the national average for a gallon of gas. Drivers are frustrated with the sudden rise with gas prices going up 20 cents in the past month. On top of gas prices rising quickly, Governor Martin O’Malley is proposing adding a six-percent sales tax on gas. He says […]

The New Majic 102.3 wants to give you a little relief at the pump this Friday… Listen at 11am, 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm and we will tell you where we will be pumping up to 10 gallons of gas free to the first 100 cars. Listen to get your FREE GAS along with your one […]