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According to reports, ecstacy, alcohol and emphysema led to Amy Winehouse’s death. Sources told the Sunday Mirror  that a “bad” ecstacy pill and a combination of alcohol may have killed the singer. Though police are operating under the assumption that Winehouse died of a drug overdose, an autopsy is scheduled for Monday or Tuesday. “When […]

5. Col Allan. Editor Of The New York Post Col Allan is the Australian born editor for Rupert Murdoch’s flagship U.S. paper, The New York Post. Like Fox News, The Post combines tabloid journalism with racism and right-wing propaganda. Allan was at the center of the controversy of the Obama-Chimp cartoon drawn by Post cartoonist, […]

NEW YORK — After NBC had singer Chris Brown on “The Today Show,” Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham bashed the network for “promoting bad behavior.” Now whatever you think of his music, Chris Brown beat his girlfriend to a pulp, he uses the N-Word, the C-Word, the S-Word, the F-Word, the most degrading misogynistic lyrics […]

It appears the Rupert Murdoch, News Corp scandal is not only stirring controversy in the U.K., as it has now spilled into American media. On his CNN show “Reliable Sources,” Howard Kurtz condemned Fox News, which is owned by News Corp, for not covering the scandal in which its sister company is being investigated for […]

According to, Fox News host Eric Bolling apologized for racist insults he directed towards President Obama, contending he “got a little fast and loose with the language.” He went on to say that he was sorry if his remarks were interpreted as disrespectful. Bolling went on a mini-rant while criticizing the president’s meeting with […]

Political commentator Glenn Beck announced the launch of his own pay-for-access online news channel, GBTV, that will begin following his departure from Fox News at the end of the month. The Daily News reports: The subscription service will include Beck’s two-hour daily show, “exclusive documentaries,” video broadcasts of the conservative’s radio program, merchandise discounts, reality […]

NEW YORK-Sean Hannity recently discussed the evils of Sesame Street on his show, including their alleged anti-conservative bias and pandering to Black and Latino children. Color Lines reports: Some conservative talking heads have stooped to a new low and are going after Sesame Street, according to The Hollywood Insider. In this latest and laughable chapter […]

WASHINGTON– Fox News is questioning why “vile rapper” Common is being invited to the White House for a poetry jam; claiming he is a controversial rapper who shouldn’t be invited because his past criticisms of former President George W. Bush and the police.

NEW YORK–A Sacramento Fox News affiliate, Fox 40, is receiving backlash after they displayed a typographical error stating “Obama Bin Laden Dead,” rather than the actual news of Osama Bin Laden’s death. LINK: The 11 Most Compelling 9/11 Conspiracy Theories