After the Senate voted 81-18 to pass bill to end government shutdown, the house followed by voting 285-144.  Huffington Post is reporting that President Obama will quickly reopen government by signing the bill.

With a federal shutdown looming, District leaders openly debated Tuesday morning whether to defy Congress and keep the city government open even if Capitol Hill leaders are unable to reach a spending accord. Read More


D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray announced that the city’s public schools would be closed Monday ahead of the forecasted arrival of Hurricane Sandy. Calling the storm “unique, large, [and] dangerous,” Gray also revealed that he had requested pre-landfall disaster relief from President Obama and asked that the city’s charter schools consider shutting their doors as well […]

There’s no getting around it. Washington, DC and its surrounding area was built on the back of the Federal government so the looming government shutdown will surely have a debilitating effect on the region’s workers. If no budget gets passed in Congress in time the federal government will be forced into furlough on Friday at […]