Chile… somebody come get Lil Bow Wow!  He got caught posting a fake picture on Instagram, of a private jet w/ expensive cars on the runway with the caption – Travel Day. 

There was a guy posing as Sisqó(Gavin Barnes) from Dru Hill at New York Fashion Week…

1. “We need to hang out again, it’s been too long!”   2. “I’m on my way”   3. “I thought I was following you already.”   4. “You’re the only person I’m talking to.”   5. Texting “LMAO” or “I’M SCREAMING” Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone 6. “I’m not […]

After the whole fake relationship story with the Notre Dame football player and even a couple of Redskin’s players that broke as the new year began, I walked in the house as my daughter was watching a show on MTV called ‘Catfish’.    It is a reality type show, so, the new reports that it […]