The Sunderland soccer player also admitted to grooming a girl under the age of sixteen.

At only ten-years-old, Esther Okade has begun taking college courses to her Open University undergraduate Math degree. She was accepted as a student after acing an exam and winning…

Charles Ramsey, the Cleveland dishwasher whose life has become a whirlwind since he saved 3 women from 10 years of captivity last week, was in the District this past weekend. In town as a guest of boxing promoter Rock Newman, he took in some local food and sites. He says he intends to report to […]

I remember that when it first broke that Lenny might play Marvin, Marvin Gaye III, a former classmate of Kravitz, ask that he not be involved.   Something has now changed, as the project that was blasted for focusing on a tough time in Marvin’s life, now has the backing of the adopted son of […]

As a personal stylist, I am constantly in search of boutiques with unique offerings for my clients.  My colleague and friend, Patty Gonzales, recently invited me to a private holiday shopping event at Sterling & Burke in Georgetown.  I was immediately taken with the quaint, upscale leather goods store. Hiding in plain sight on Pennsylvania […]

English athlete Viv Anderson, a.k.a. “Spider,” was the first black football player to represent England in a full international match. In 1974, Anderson joined the Nottingham Forest team, helping them advance to first division, then win the European cup in 1979. As the first black player, Anderson was often in the middle of heavy discrimination […]

Call them riots or civil insurrections, when a disenfranchised population is triggered by an event that symbolizes their shared grievances, the consequences can be the unleashing of years of suppressed frustration and rage. While it is common for governments to blame the rioters, a detailed look at the causes show that the law and law […]