While many have claimed that Gatorade or even Pedialyte are best for taking care of that hangover, a group of Chinese researchers say it’s the lemon lime taste of Sprite that will best cure that headache and nausea. Huffington post has the details.  

As we get ready for the return of New Edition to the DMV, looks like Bobby will have no problems getting here.  I don’t know about you, but I pull for things to be good for Bobby.  Looks like he caught a break this time.

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina has been out of control for a quite some time now, but it maybe time for her parents to reel her in ASAP!!! Mediatakeout has some photos of Bobbi Kristina that were taken at an unsupervised party, and it shows Bobbi drinking the very high alcohol energy […]

It’s been a minute since Keyshia Cole’s mom made an appearance..well the new grandmother is back on the scene with a new video, “singing”and well….take a look: Someone Is Trying To Cash In, By Posing As Keyshia Cole VIDEO: Frankie: “All My Children Are Jealous” Keyshia Cole Sisters: “Her TV Show Cuts Us No Checks”

Check out this video from back in the day of James Brown drunk out of his mind on a TV show.

We’re hearing that Rihanna was so drunk after a night of club hopping in Miami Beach that she had to be propped up and half carried to a waiting car after her last stop!

Mariah Carey recently accepted an award for her performance in the movie “Precious,” and she was tore up from the floor up. Blame it on the alcohol!